Use oil-filled radiators correctly

Portable oil-filled radiators are not dangerous. However, there are some things you must remember if you're intending to buy or already own an oil-filled radiator.

Ask for documentation

Buy the radiator from a dealer who is knowledgeable about the product. You should also ask to see documentation that proves the radiator has been manufactured in accordance with EU requirements. These requirements also apply in Norway.

Do not leave unattended

Never leave a radiator unattended once you've turned it on. That way, you'll quickly notice if the radiator is getting too hot, has started to leak, or has developed another fault. Never leave the radiator on while you're away or sleeping. Never use an extension lead for a portable oil-filled radiator. This can cause a fire.

Position the radiator correctly

Never cover a portable oil-filled radiator with clothes or anything else. You should also make sure the radiator is well away from flammable material. Children can easily knock a radiator over when playing. This means you should be extra careful when young children or animals are in the same room as the radiator.

Replace radiators after five years

Never use a radiator that's leaking oil. If you notice that the radiator is leaking, return it to the place where you bought it. When you put the radiator away, make sure it's in the upright position.

Radiators should be replaced every five years. You can return used radiators to any electrical dealer or waste facility.

Important points to remember

  • Read the user instructions and use the radiator correctly. The user instructions must be in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language
  • Never use extension leads
  • Never cover radiators or stand them near flammable material
  • Make sure radiators do not tip over during use or storage, and make sure they don't get damaged when you move them. Radiators must be stored in the upright position
  • Never use a radiator that's leaking oil. A leaking radiator must be returned to the place where you bought it
  • Replace radiators after five years

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