What the CE mark means

The CE mark is documentation that the product complies with basic safety requirements. The mark does not tell you anything about the quality of the product.

What does the CE mark mean?

A product with the CE mark must not be harmful to people’s health or safety, or to the environment. When a manufacturer puts the CE mark on a product, they are declaring that the product is safe and that this can be documented.

What needs to have CE marking?

Products that need CE marking include household electrical appliances and personal protective equipment, such as bicycle helmets and other protective helmets. Toys and children’s costumes must also have CE marking.

Equipment for infants and young children, such as pushchairs, dummies, stair gates and high chairs, does not need to have CE marking. There is also no requirement for furniture and textiles to have CE marking. Costumes for children are an exception, because these are defined as toys.

How are products with CE marking checked?

There are many different products that have CE marking, which means that various authorities are responsible for checking the products. The authorities often visit premises where the products are sold. If the authorities find products that do not have CE marking, have incorrect CE marking, or have CE marking but do not meet the safety requirements, they will require the products to be withdrawn from the market.

What does CE mean?

The letters CE stand for the European Community – la Communauté Européenne. Products which have CE marking may circulate freely within the EEA.

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