We want you to be safe

The Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) has created sikkerhverdag.no.

Who are we?

One of DSB’s roles is to be aware of the risks and hazards that are all around us. These span a wide range: from fire and electricity, to products and consumer services, gas and hazardous chemicals.

We also work to prevent accidents, crises and other undesirable incidents. And if things do go wrong, our job is to make sure we're ready to tackle them. 

The aim of sikkerhverdag.no is to advise you on how you can easily prevent accidents at home and protect your loved ones. We've also included plenty of suggestions to advise you on how to be better prepared to tackle more major crises and incidents.

Contact us

We welcome any praise, criticism and suggestions by email: sikkerhverdag@dsb.no or by phone on +47 33 41 25 00.

You can also find us on facebook.com/sikkerhverdag

Any enquiries from the media should be made to DSB’s press contact by phone on +47 992 52 000.

For specialists and companies

Regulations, publications and guidelines for specialists and companies can be found at dsb.no