What to do if there’s a gas leak

An odour has been added to propane gas to enable you to detect leaks quickly. This is what you should do if you smell gas or suspect for any other reason that there is a propane leak at home.

If there are any signs of a leak

  • Turn off the gas
  • Open all windows and doors to allow plenty of air in
  • Stop using naked flames and electrical appliances

If you feel unwell because of carbon monoxide

  • Close the valves
  • Ventilate the room and go out into the fresh air immediately
  • Contact a doctor
  • Call the fire service or police if necessary

If there is a serious leak and fire

  • Try to close the valves
  • Make sure that everyone moves away from the fire to a safe distance
  • Phone the fire service emergency number, 110
  • Do not try to put the fire out yourself

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