How to change a gas bottle

Most accidents with gas barbecues and other gas appliances occur because of gas leaks between the gas bottle and the regulator. Find out how to change a gas bottle safely and correctly.

Avoid leaks

If the regulator is not seated properly on the gas bottle, propane gas could leak out. If the gas catches fire, the bottle could also catch fire and explode. Press the locking ring on the regulator fully down to avoid leaks.

Close after use

The regulator switch should be closed when the appliance is not in use. If you're going away for a while, or won't be using the gas for some time, the regulator switch must be closed and the regulator disconnected.

How to fit the regulator to the gas bottle

  1. Remove any seals on the gas bottle. Do not use a knife or anything that could damage the gasket. Check that the gasket on the bottle is intact, clean and pliable.
  2. Place the regulator over the gas bottle. Make sure the switch on top of the regulator is closed, with the red flame symbol pointing downward.
  3. Push the locking ring up and lower the regulator onto the gas bottle valve.
  4. Press the locking ring down with both hands until it locks with an audible click. Lift the bottle by the regulator to check that the regulator is in place. You can then open the regulator switch so that the red flame symbol is pointing upwards.

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