Small red wooden cabin in winter
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Maintaining the gas appliances in your cabin

Do you have a propane fridge or do you use gas to heat your cabin? Spend a few minutes checking these gas appliances before you start using them. You will then reduce the risk of dangerous leaks.

Check for dust

Gas equipment that hasn't been used for a while can become blocked by dust, spiders' webs, etc. This may cause the gas to burn incompletely, resulting in a build-up of carbon monoxide which can cause asphyxiation.

Inspect and clean gas appliances at regular intervals to prevent this. Burners that are close to the floor are particularly vulnerable, such as those underneath gas fridges. Pay particular attention to ensuring that the air intake by the nozzle is not blocked by dust. Pull the fridge away from the wall and carefully vacuum the back. If you don't have a vacuum in your cabin, you can remove the dust by blowing hard. 

Monitor during use

Make sure you have good ventilation and are always in the same room as a gas heater or other gas appliance while it is in use. Gas appliances also have certain room size requirements. These requirements must be indicated on the appliance.

Watch out for carbon monoxide

A propane fridge can asphyxiate you if the burner is not getting enough air. Poor combustion can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. The alarming thing about carbon monoxide is that it makes you gradually tired and groggy, and eventually unable to handle the situation, leading to asphyxiation.

Keep the hose away from the burner

Check that the hose is not touching the burner. If it is, the heat from the burner could melt a hole in the hose, after which the gas would ignite directly and cause an explosive fire.

Never in the bedroom

Portable gas appliances for indoor use must only be used in well ventilated rooms where you can keep an eye on them – never in the bedroom. These appliances should be kept at least one metre away from flammable material.

Before you go away

If you leave your cabin for long periods, you should disconnect the regulator and, if necessary, put a protective cap on the gas bottle before you leave.

What you should do before using the appliance:

  1. Ensure that the air intake by the nozzle is not blocked by dust. Blow hard or vacuum behind the fridge to clean it
  2. Check that hoses and connections are not leaking
  3. Check that the regulator is firmly fixed to the propane bottle

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