Illustration of gas hose soaked in water

How to maintain gas appliances

Some simple maintenance can help you to prevent dangerous gas leaks.

Replace old hoses

A gas hose is a perishable item, and becomes dry and brittle after it has been used for a while. If the hose cracks, gas leaks out, which can cause an explosion hazard. Gas hoses should be replaced after 2–5 years. Exposure to sunlight and extreme temperature variations are among the conditions that affect the lifespan of a hose. Regularly check the hose for leaks, so you're always certain that it's intact before you start to use the appliance.

Tighten the regulator

Make sure the regulator is seated correctly and has been tightly fitted to the gas bottle before you open the valve. How to replace and install the gas bottle on your barbecue.

Check the hose for leaks:

  • Bend the hose and look for cracks
  • Spray or brush soapy water onto the hose and connections. If any bubbles appear, there's a leak
  • Use your nose – an odour has been added to gas to help you detect leaks. If you smell gas, turn off the regulator and remove the gas bottle from the barbecue

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