Protect your eyes in a solar eclipse

If you look at the sun during a solar eclipse, you could suffer permanent eye damage. To avoid this, you must wear special solar eclipse glasses. Ordinary sunglasses do not provide adequate protection.

Filter harmful light

Solar eclipse glasses are defined as personal protective equipment and must comply with strict requirements in order to be legal. One important requirement is for the glass/film in the glasses to allow through only 1 out of 100,000 parts of solar light, thereby protecting the eyes from the strongest rays.

Ordinary sunglasses are not enough

Ordinary sunglasses are made of a completely different type of glass that doesn't filter the light in the same way. This is why you should never wear ordinary sunglasses during a solar eclipse. Even if you wear several pairs of sunglasses on top of each other, this will not protect you in the same way as solar eclipse glasses.

Must bear the CE mark

Solar eclipse glasses must bear the CE mark. When a manufacturer or representative of a manufacturer puts the CE mark on a product, they are declaring that the product is safe and that this can be documented.

Solar eclipse glasses must also be sold with warnings and information about use in Norwegian. In addition, they must include information about the manufacturer and/or the Norwegian representative who is distributing the product.

Requirements for solar eclipse glasses:

  • Must bear the CE mark
  • They must come with warnings and user information
  • Information about the manufacturer and/or the Norwegian distributor must be provided

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