Gas Safety Rules

Follow the Gas Safety Rules to use gas safely.

  • Never put gas containers in the cellar or in other rooms below ground level
  • Make sure the gas container is in the upright position and is not subject to high temperatures or strong sunlight. Stand the gas container away from the barbecue so that you can easily turn off the gas
  • Keep an eye out for leaks. Naked flames, smoking or an electric spark can ignite the gas and cause an explosion
  • Regularly check the hose and connections for leaks. You can do this by brushing on concentrated soapy water. When you turn on the gas, soap bubbles will form if there is a leak
  • Only use hoses that are designed for gas. Change cracked or damaged hoses immediately. It is illegal to use hoses that are more than 1.5 metres long. Use hose clamps to secure the hose
  • Always have a lit match ready when you turn on the gas. Turn off the gas if you are not going to use it. You should also disconnect the regulator if you are not going to use the gas for some time
  • If a fire starts near the gas container, shut off the gas by flipping over the button on top of the regulator. If it is safe to do so, you should also move the container away from the fire
  • Ensure that the gas appliance and container are in good condition. Don't try to repair any damage to the gas container yourself. Leave it to the propane dealer to perform inspections and any necessary maintenance of gas appliances and gas systems
  • Read the user instructions carefully before using gas appliances and gas systems. Ask the dealer if you are in doubt about anything

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