Let the fire service know about fire hazards

If you discover anything that could cause a fire, the fire service will be happy to hear from you. What you report could help to prevent a serious incident and save lives.

Potential fire hazards

The fire service will be grateful to be notified of any situations that you feel could be a threat to fire safety. Situations that you could report may be anything from blocked escape routes or lack of escape routes, to improperly stored flammable goods, liquids or gases, reckless use of fire in the natural environment, or other activities that constitute a fire hazard.

You could save lives

If you discover something that could be a threat to fire safety, contact your local fire service and report your concerns. When something is reported to the fire service, they will consider it and decide whether to take action. Your report could help to prevent serious incidents, and could save lives in a fire. Any information that you report to the fire service will be treated confidentially.

How to report something

Many fire services have dedicated e-mail addresses and phone numbers that you can use to report your concerns. Others have forms that you can complete online on the fire service website.

Reporting your concerns in writing

If you cannot find a form and want to report your concerns in writing, remember to provide information about who you are and include contact information so that the fire service can get in touch with you. Describe what you are concerned about, which address is affected, and who the fire service might be able to contact at that address. 

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