Electrical work in the home

People who are certified in electrical installation and maintenance, and who have three years’ relevant practical experience, are legally permitted to work on their own electrical system. In other people’s homes, a registered electrical company must perform and document the work.

Electricians aren’t allowed to help out friends

If you have a problem with your electrical system, it can be tempting to ask an electrician friend to help you out to save some money. However, this is not a good idea. If this work is not in the electrician’s own home, then in order for it to be legal, it must be performed and documented by a registered electrical company. The electrician you know may well be employed there, but it's the company itself that must take on the job.

You can find registered electrical companies here

Ask for a Declaration of Conformity

As the owner and user of a home or holiday home, this means you must use a registered electrical company for all modifications or updates to the electrical system. This is to safeguard you as a consumer, not only in terms of electrical and fire safety, but also from a legal standpoint, in case any damage or problems arise at a later date. All work on the electrical system must be documented with a Declaration of Conformity, and these may only be issued by registered electrical companies.

Electrician working in own home

If you're a qualified electrician and have three years’ practical experience in installing and maintaining low-voltage electrical systems in buildings (or you've passed the trade examination), you may perform work on the electrical system in your own home and holiday home. ‘Own home’ means it's your permanent residence/registered as your address in the Population Register.

Important documentation

The work must be documented in line with relevant regulatory requirements, just as it must be for a registered electrical company. Sign the documentation with your own name. This documentation must be kept with the electrical system. If you sell the house, we advise you to attach a copy of your trade certificate and documentation of relevant practical experience. This means the new owner will have documentation showing that you met the requirement to have professional responsibility for the job you did.

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