Female smiling and wearing ski goggles
Photo: Johner

Alpine Code of Conduct

Your safety is a priority for most Alpine ski centres, but you also have a responsibility to ski safely. Have a look at this skiing code of conduct.

  • Ski carefully so that you don’t injure yourself or others. Wear protective equipment.
  • Adapt your speed to the conditions
  • If you are approaching from above or behind, it is your responsibility to avoid collisions
  • Show caution when overtaking, and allow plenty of room
  • Skiing sideways is not allowed, unless this is part of an organised course
  • Do not stop where you cannot be seen by approaching skiers
  • Have a good look all around you when you start a descent, e.g. after a rest break
  • When entering a slope, use the outer edges
  • The use of ski brakes or retention devices is not permitted – check that your bindings have been correctly fitted
  • Follow signs, markings and instructions
  • If you see anyone who has been injured, it is your duty to help them

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