Two kids wearing ski goggles
Photo: Johner

Safe downhill skiing

Wear a helmet and back protector, stay on the piste and follow the Alpine Code of Conduct – that’s the way to keep yourself and others safe

Protect your head and back

Wear CE marked protective equipment like a helmet, back protector and ski goggles whenever you ski, to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body.

Stay on the piste

Don’t leave prepared trails or pistes. Outside the prepared areas, the snow is often loose and you are more likely to encounter stones and tree stumps that may be hidden beneath the surface.

Alpine ski centres are responsible for ensuring that pistes and trails are clearly marked and made safe. However, you must still exercise caution and ski considerately. Skiing carelessly or too fast can quickly lead to dangerous situations.

Follow the Alpine Code of Conduct

Read and follow the Alpine Code of Conduct to avoid accidents on the ski slopes.

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