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How to register a gas system

If you upgrade your home with a gas fire or wall-mounted gas heater, this often means that you need to have an underground gas tank installed at your property. If the tank has a volume of 0.4 cubic metres or more, you must register your gas system with DSB.

Form for registering gas system with DSB

To register a gas system, you must use the form entitled ‘Registering installations using hazardous chemicals’ (‘Melding om håndtering av farlig stoff’). You can find this in the form section under the category ‘Hazardous chemicals’ (‘Farlige stoffer’) on DSB’s website. 

Filling in the form

To fill in the form, you should log into Altinn the same way you normally do. On the form, you will need to enter your registered contact information and pinpoint the system on the map. You must also state which type of system you have, what kind of fuel the system uses, and what volume the tank has.

Domestic gas systems typically have a storage tank with pipes plumbed into the gas-fired equipment. If you have this kind of system, choose ‘gas-fired system’ from the drop-down list under ‘system type’ on the form. If your system uses propane, choose LPG (liquid petroleum gas) in the drop-down list of hazardous fuels.

Keep the receipt

Once you've submitted the registration form, you'll receive a receipt. You must keep this. The registration details must always correspond with the physical properties of the system

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