Gas in housing cooperatives

The board and residents of a co-ownership association have a joint responsibility to ensure that gas is used legally and safely. Faults or inadequate maintenance can lead to serious accidents.

Responsibilities of the board

Before a co-ownership association starts using a gas system, the board must register the system with the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB). This is done via Altinn. For practical reasons, if the same gas system will be used by several co-ownership associations, the gas company may perform the registration.

The board must be able to submit

  • Documentation from the gas company showing that the gas system was constructed, assembled, maintained and inspected in accordance with regulations
  • Documentation showing that the system has been operated, maintained and inspected safely
  • Site plan showing the location of tank, pipes, etc.
  • Risk analysis for the system, updated with any changes
  • Emergency response plan incorporating accidents with gas
  • Contract with independent inspector, technical inspection body or accredited inspection body for systematic inspections of the gas system

Responsibilities of the residents

As a resident, you are responsible for ensuring that the system in your apartment is inspected and maintained regularly. If the system uses gas bottles in your apartment, it is important for you to be aware of the rules on use, maintenance and storage.

Residents are responsible for

  • Performing maintenance/service and inspections of the system within their apartment, and being able to document this
  • Studying the instructions for use and installation before using appliances and systems
  • Familiarising themselves with the co-ownership association’s emergency response plan
  • Guarding against gas leaks and taking necessary precautions

If gas leaks out, it can turn the air into an explosion hazard. Naked flames, smoking or an electric spark can ignite the gas and cause an explosion. This means that a gas leak in one apartment can have rapid consequences for residents in adjacent apartments. An odour has been added to propane gas to help you detect leaks quickly. What to do if you suspect that there is a gas leak.

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