Ask for a Declaration of Conformity

Remember to ask for a Declaration of Conformity – this is your insurance regarding the work that the electrician performed.

It makes the electrician responsible

If you've had any electrical work done, you're entitled to a Declaration of Conformity from the company that performed the work. This is a valuable document that makes the company responsible for the work it performed. The Declaration of Conformity is also an important document that you can present to your insurance company, and if you sell your home at a later date.

Guarantee of work and equipment

The Declaration of Conformity acts as a five-year guarantee on work and installed equipment. This means that if anything happens during the guarantee period, you're entitled to have it repaired at no cost to yourself. You're also entitled to documentation regarding installed equipment, such as a guarantee document for more extensive installations. For example, did you know that heating cables may be guaranteed for up to 25 years

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