Girl jumping on trampoline
Photo: Johner

Safety tips for trampolines

Follow these safety tips to make sure you assemble and use your trampoline safely.

Assembling a trampoline correctly:

  • Follow the user instructions when you set up the trampoline. Ask in the shop where you bought the trampoline if there’s anything you’re not certain about
  • Check and test the trampoline after you've assembled it. Make sure that straps, fixings and the edge padding are correctly attached
  • Stand the trampoline on a flat surface, preferably one that has a shock-absorbing effect, such as a lawn
  • Make sure there is plenty of space above and around the trampoline
  • Fix the trampoline to the surface if there is any danger that the wind could catch it
  • Use a safety net and padding or an edge mat around the trampoline

Using a trampoline correctly:

  • Define clear rules about how many children can be on the trampoline at the same time. Ideally, this should be only one. The more jumpers there are, the higher the risk of injuries. The risk is even higher if the jumpers are different weights
  • Adults should assess children’s capabilities and supervise them while they are jumping
  • Cover the trampoline with a tarpaulin when it is not in use. That makes it more difficult for children to use the trampoline unsupervised by an adult
  • Don’t jump on the trampoline when it is wet
  • Doing somersaults on the trampoline can result in serious neck injuries if you land awkwardly

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