Toddler standing up side down on the trampoline.
Photo: Colourbox

Make a set of rules for the trampoline

Most trampolining injuries occur when children land awkwardly or collide with each other. Talk to your children about how to use the trampoline without hurting themselves or their friends.

Trampolines are fun and great for motor skills development, but they can also cause injuries. Get your children involved in making a set of rules about how to behave on and around the trampoline. Rules that you make together are easier to understand and follow. What you should talk about:

How many people can jump at the same time?

The more jumpers there are, the higher the risk of injuries.

Bigger and smaller people at the same time?

If the people who are jumping are not evenly matched in terms of weight, it's the smallest who are particularly vulnerable to injury. Be careful around smaller children, and take turns at jumping so that everyone gets a chance.

Who is allowed to jump?

As the owner of the trampoline, you are responsible for everyone who jumps on it. If your children’s friends want to jump, do they have to ask their parents for permission first?

What can the adults decide?

Adults should assess children’s capabilities and supervise them while they're jumping. It's the adults who are responsible, and they must stop a game if it's becoming too boisterous.

What is allowed, and what is not allowed?

Agree on what rules apply to gymnastics and games on the trampoline. Somersaults on a trampoline can result in serious neck injuries if they go wrong.

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