Lamps in children's rooms

Fix cables securely so they can't present a risk of strangulation, and make sure the lamps won't get too hot.

Secure lamp and cable

Think of the safety of the child if you intend to put a lamp in their room. Make sure you carefully follow any warnings and instructions that come with the lamps. In children’s rooms, you should use lamps that fix to the wall. This prevents children from pulling lamps over or playing with them.

Dangerous lamps?

Search the product register for lamps that have been recalled from the market.

Advice on how to install lamps safely:

  • Position lamps with loose cables at least one metre from the child’s bed or playpen
  • Check that loose cables are firmly fixed to the wall and out of reach of the child
  • Check that lamps that can be moved or covered, such as desk lamps and bedside lamps, have a low surface temperature

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