Be aware of small, strong magnets

If you swallow two or more strong magnets, you can become seriously ill. Therefore, small magnets should be kept away from children. Inform young people of the dangers.

Serious injury

If more than one magnet is swallowed, they can be attracted to one another. The strong magnets can be attracted to each other through intestinal walls and other tissue. This can cause injury to the intestines or block blood flow to parts of the intestine.

These complications are serious and medical treatment must be sought immediately if you believe that magnets have been swallowed. The same type of injury can be caused if only one magnet is swallowed along with other magnetic material.

Small, strong magnets are not toys

Small, strong magnets are not toys and should be kept away from small children. Small children often put things in their mouths and there is a risk that the magnet(s) can be swallowed.

Face piercings

Small magnets can be used as fake face piercings. The small, round magnets are placed on top of and under the tongue or the inside and outside of cheeks or lips. In such case, there is a serious risk of swallowing one or several magnets. It is therefore important to make young people aware of the danger of swallowing magnets.

Hidden magnets

Magnets can be found in places where perhaps you would not think a magnet would be found. Be aware of hidden magnets in packaging, textiles or toys.

Check regularly

Magnets are found in many different products all around us. It is therefore important to check that items are intact, to ensure that small magnets cannot come loose or have become detached from the product.

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