These chemicals are prohibited to the general public

Some chemicals and everyday products can be used to make home-made bombs. For this reason, the EU has decided that access to these chemicals must be restricted. Here are the chemicals that you as an individual are not allowed to buy, use or store.

Typical products

One of the products in the list of prohibited chemicals is stong sulfuric acid, typically used to clean drains or as pool chemical. For individuals there are good alternative products for cleaning both drains and swimming pools.

Another product in the list of prohibited chemicals is concentrated hydrogen peroxide. This is typically used by hunters to bleach trophy skulls, or to bleach wooden panelling. A good alternative way to bleach hunting trophies is to use a weaker solution of hydrogen peroxide (12%), and to leave the trophy in the solution for longer.

Fuel containing nitromethane, which is typically used for radiocontrolled cars and model aircrafts, is also on the list. So are some fertiliser products.

The list of prohibited chemicals amounts to a total of none products (see fact box). The ban also applies to products that contain the listed chemicals in concentrations above the specified limit.

Illegal to import from abroad

In some other countries in the EU, it is possible to get a licence to purchase these chemicals. If you as an individual have a licence to buy the prohibited chemicals or products from another country, this licence is not valid in Norway. The ban on buying, storing and using these chemicals still applies to you. It is also illegal to order these products online.

What to do if you have a chemical or product that is banned

Sulfuric acid above 15% by weight and nitromethane above 16% by weight were prohibited for individuals from the 6th of March 2023. You must use up these products or hand them in to a local waste facility by the 6th of June 2023. From that date these products are prohibited to own, use and store.

If you are already storing one of the other listed chemicals, or a product that contains more than the permitted quantity of chemicals on the list, you must hand this product in to a local waste facility as soon as possible. There is no charge for this service.

These chemicals are prohibited:

  • Hydrogen peroxide above 12% by weight
  • Nitromethane above 16% by weight (around 12% by volume)
  • Nitric acid above 3% by weight
  • Sulfuric acid above 15% by weight
  • Potassium chlorate above 40% by weight
  • Potassium perchlorate above 40% by weight
  • Sodium chlorate above 40% by weight
  • Sodium perchlorate above 40% by weight
  • Ammonium nitrate in concentrations of 16% or higher by weight of nitrogen in relation to ammonium nitrate

Report any suspected use or storage

If you as an individual suspect the use or storage of these chemicals, you can report this to the Police.