Reflector shaped as a ghost
Photo: Johner

Choose safe reflectors

There are many reflectors to choose from, but they aren’t all equally effective. Choose a reflector that's marked and tested. Then you can be sure you'll be seen in the dark.

Look for the CE mark

Every type of loose reflector that you can hang, attach or stick on your clothes must be tested and bear the CE mark. If the reflector does not bear the CE mark, you run the risk that it won't reflect light well enough. Motorists would not then be able to see you in the dark. Reflectors must also be marked with information showing who manufactured or imported them.

Do the flashlight test

Reflectors are classed as consumables and must be replaced when they wear out. As a rule of thumb, reflectors have a lifespan of 1–3 years. If you aren’t sure whether your reflector has stopped working or not, you can do a simple test with a flashlight in a dark room. Hang the reflector at eye level and shine the flashlight at it from a distance of at least 4 metres. If the reflector does not reflect the light, throw it away!

Reflectors must be

  • CE marked
  • Tested in accordance with standard NS-EN 13353
  • Labelled with information showing the manufacturer or importer