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Reporting unprofessional organisers

Have you taken part in an organised leisure activity and found that the organiser was careless about safety? We'd like to know about this. If you tell us, we can prevent it happening to other people.

Organisers have a safety responsibility

Whoever organises the leisure activities is responsible for your safety. This responsibility applies to dedicated facilities such as amusement parks and climbing parks, and to activities for individuals, such as diving courses, kayaking and rafting.

The responsibility applies equally to commercial ventures and to voluntary clubs or teams, and has nothing to do with whether you have paid or not. The organiser must also have assessed the risk of the service being provided.

Tell us

Have you come across an organiser who didn't take their responsibilities seriously, or an activity that was clearly dangerous? Report your concerns to the Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB).

What is a consumer service?

An organised leisure activity in which you, as an individual, can participate is called a consumer service. If you go on an organised hike, you are participating in an active service. If you are part of the audience at a sporting event, this is called a passive service. Both are considered to be consumer services. The service also includes training and equipment hire or loan.

As a participant, you are entitled to

  • Sufficient information and training to enable you to perform the activity safely
  • Information about potential dangers and how to deal with these
  • Essential and safe equipment, such as helmets and life jackets

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