Storing gas and flammable liquids in an apartment

Some people live such that they can safely store a few canisters of gas and small amounts of flammable liquids, such as methylated spirits and petrol, at home. However, if you live in an apartment complex, tenement building or close to others in some other way, this can be more difficult.

What do the regulations say?

The maximum amount of flammable gas (such as propane) allowed in a residential unit is 55 litres (2 x 11 kg canisters) and the maximum amount of flammable liquids (such as petrol and methylated spirits) is 10 litres. In outdoor storage, such as a shed, garage, etc., the maximum amounts that can be kept are 90 litres of propane and 50 litres of petrol and/or methylated spirits.

It is important, both for the individual resident and for all the people living in the complex, that hazardous substances are stored as safely as possible. As a resident, you should therefore consider what you actually need. The residents’ association should assess the overall risk for the complex as a whole.

Volumes and limits

If a housing association determines that the risk of an accident is too high when dangerous substances are stored within the complex, they can lay down their own rules prohibiting such storage.

In some cases, DSB and the municipal authorities may also lay down restrictions or prohibitions on the storage of hazardous substances, when we believe this is necessary to protect life, health and material assets from harm and/or accidents.

Safety precautions for the storage and use of flammable gases:

  • Gas containers must be stored upright in a well ventilated area and firmly secured so that they cannot topple over
  • Flammable gas must not be stored in a basement or underground room, or in an attic
  • Follow the supplier’s instructions when using appliances and equipment – appliances intended for outdoor use must never be used indoors
  • Ensure good ventilation when using the appliance
  • Portable gas heaters must never be used in rooms where people sleep