Using a bioethanol fireplace correctly

If you refill a fireplace or lamp with bioethanol when there is a flame present, this may cause an explosive fire. You must therefore be absolutely certain that there is no flame before you refill these appliances with bioethanol.

Be careful when refilling

In the last few years, there have been many accidents and near misses reported with bioethanol fireplaces. Most accidents occur because of mistakes when refilling. Bioethanol burns with a weak, blue flame that may be difficult to see.

See what can happen if you refill a fireplace with bioethanol when there is a flame present (link to NRK Forbrukerinspektørene – consumer watchdog programme).

Check the user instructions

Bioethanol fireplaces, tabletop fireplaces, etc. are on sale in shops and online. There are two main differences between the various products, although the same requirements apply to both types: Some are wall mounted, while others sit on the floor or a table.

You should choose a bioethanol fireplace that has been tested (check the user instructions). If the product has no user instructions, or if the user instructions are not available in Norwegian, you should not buy the product.

What you can do to avoid accidents

  • Never add bioethanol when the fireplace is in use or still warm
  • If you spill any, make sure you wipe it up properly, remembering places where you cannot actually see it
  • Make sure the fireplace cannot tip over
  • Never move the fireplace while it is in use
  • Keep pets and children well away
  • Be aware that candles or other nearby sources of ignition can ignite the bioethanol
  • Make sure the room in which the bioethanol is burning is well ventilated, but do not let the fireplace stand in a draught
  • Do not keep more than 10 litres of bioethanol indoors
  • Read and retain the user instructions

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