What should you do if there’s a fire?

Rescue – Alarm – Extinguish is an easy mantra to help you remember what to do if there’s a fire.


If you're the person who discovers the fire, make sure you raise the alarm for other people in the building. Shout “Fire! Fire!" Help other people to make sure that everyone gets out safely. Gather at an agreed rendezvous point so that you can quickly tell whether everyone has escaped.


Alert the fire service on the emergency number 110. Give them the exact address. Follow the instructions from the fire service. Don’t hang up until you’ve been told you can.


If the fire has not become too big to extinguish, try to put it out with the domestic fire hose or fire extinguisher. If the fire is spreading quickly, leave the job to the fire service. Remember that smoke is extremely toxic.

It is up to you to decide in which order you tackle these steps, depending on the situation. However, you must always make sure that you call for help.

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