Illustration of burning trees and cell phone with emergency number 110

How to tackle a forest fire

If you discover a forest fire early, you can often put it out quite easily.

Nine out of ten forest fires are caused by human activity. Campfires and barbecues are the most common causes. 

Alert the emergency services quickly

In their early stages, many forest fires can be put out quite easily. The emergency services must be notified of all fires as quickly as possible, via the emergency number 110.

While you wait for help, you can start to try and put the fire out yourself, but don’t take any risks. Get out of the area before the flames surround you.

Ban on open fires

If you don’t want to start a forest fire: Remember that there is a general ban on campfires between 15 April and 15 September. If it is extremely dry, the local authority may also implement a total ban at other times.

How to put out a forest fire:

  1. Cut down or break off a small leafy tree about two metres high
  2. Remove any twigs from the bottom until you are left with a tuft at the top
  3. Don’t beat at the flames, try to brush them back
  4. You can also use sand or rugs to try to smother the flames
  5. If you have water and buckets handy, you can simply start pouring

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