Safely charging electric bikes, scooters and personal transporters

Electric bikes, scooters and personal transporters are becoming increasingly common. Most of them use lithium-ion batteries and in a few cases charging such batteries has led to fires. Following these tips will reduce the likelihood of fires

Reading and following the safety instructions and user manual that come with the product is always a good idea. Use the charger as recommended by the manufacturer.

The battery must be marked with the manufacturer, type number and its own CE mark. Together, these indicate that the battery complies with all of the safety criteria and is safe to use. 

Fire safety during charging

Do not leave the battery unattended during charging and ensure a good distance between the battery and other flammable materials. Check that the charger and battery do not get abnormally hot during charging. This may indicate that there is something wrong with your products. Having a smoke detector nearby while charging your product is a good idea.

Complete, clean and dry

Do not drop the battery while removing it from your bike. Note: Batteries can also be damaged by rough treatment. Batteries that are not charging can also catch fire. This is usually due to the battery having been damaged. If you suspect your battery has been damaged, it is best to get your dealer to check it.

Do not charge batteries if the plug socket is dirty or wet, this can lead to short-circuiting, heat generation and fires. It is therefore a good idea to keep the area around plug sockets clean and dry.

Before charging:

  • Read the user manual
  • Do not use unmarked batteries
  • Do not charge batteries while you are asleep or not at home
  • Do not charge damaged batteries
  • Clean your batteries

What to do in case of fire

If a fire starts, remove the product from flammable surroundings if it is safe to do so. Unplug the charger. Battery fires can be kept under control by cooling the battery down with water.

Many lithium batteries contain a flammable liquid that can emit a flammable gas if it gets hot enough. The battery will therefore catch fire again if it is not cooled down.

If a fire starts that you cannot control, call the fire service on 110.

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