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Information during an emergency

In the event of a crisis or disaster, it is important that you have access to official information about what is happening and what you should do.

Public warning

Emergency Alert is a service provided by the Norwegian authorities. If a major situation occurs involving a serious threat to life and health where you are, you may receive an emergency alert on your mobile phone.

More information about Emergency Alert (external web page)

The Emergency Alert System on mobile telephones is a supplement to public warnings given via sirens, which signal with a loud sound that you must seek information.The public warning alarm system (air-raid sirens) may be used to warn the population of acute imminent danger. In Norway, there are 1,250 public warning sirens located in towns and cities. When the alarm sounds, this means that you need to seek information.

Read more about the alarm systems in the article “Air-raid sirens”

Emergency radio channel NRK P1

NRK is responsible for broadcasting messages from the authorities in an emergency and other important information on the radio. NRK P1 is the emergency radio channel, i.e. the channel on which emergency information will be broadcast to the general public, even if other news media and public websites are unavailable. NRK may also interrupt broadcasts on all its radio channels with important public messages. It doesn’t matter if you are listening to P13 or P1+ – the message will get through.

Fake news

Crisis situations are chaotic, and some parties may have an interest in spreading misinformation. You should therefore make extra sure that you get information from reliable sources.

>> How to recognise fake news.

Have access to a radio

To ensure the authorities can get information out to the public, we recommend that all households have a battery-powered DAB radio. Remember to always have extra batteries in the house.

If you have a car, you can use it to listen to the radio and to charge your mobile phone.

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