The Firework Code

Follow the Firework Code, and enjoy New Year’s Eve safely and without injuries.

Plan ahead

Find a suitable place and equipment for the display. Fireworks must be kept out of the reach of children and unauthorised people.

Read the instructions carefully

Familiarise yourself with the manufacturers’ recommendations, and learn the age restrictions. You must be 18 years or older to use most types of fireworks. Children should always be properly supervised by adults when using sparklers.

Check for damage

Check that fireworks are intact and are not visibly damaged. Damaged fireworks must not be used or thrown away, but must be returned to the distributor.

Place safely

Make sure the fireworks cannot tip over. Cakes must be placed on a stable surface and supported.

Use a portfire

Never use lighters, matches or other naked flames. Fuses are short, and a flame may light the cake accidentally. It is better to use a portfire, which you can usually buy from the same place as the fireworks.

Wear protective goggles

To reduce eye injuries, you should wear protective goggles. You can get these at the same place as the fireworks.

Turn away quickly

Never bend over a lit firework. There is often a fast-burning fuse inside the firework that burns extremely quickly. This means that the firework may go off suddenly and unexpectedly. Once you've lit the fuse, you should turn your face away quickly and move to a safe distance.

Never relight

Never relight a firework if it didnt't go off the first time. Even if the fuse appears to have gone out, it may still be smouldering. Fireworks that do not go off at the first attempt should be left for 30 minutes or submerged thoroughly in water before being removed. They must not be thrown away, but returned to the distributor. Remember that children often collect fireworks on New Year’s Day, so clear everything away after your display.

Keep a safe distance

Fireworks contain explosives that can cause serious injuries. Keep a safe distance from the fireworks when thet go off.

Stay sober

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. If you have alcohol in your blood, your reactions are slower. Your judgement is also impaired.

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