Multiple hands holding sparklers
Photo: Johner

Before you buy fireworks

Did you know that you must be over the age of 18 to buy and use fireworks, and that it is illegal to bring fireworks into Norway from abroad?

Abide by the age restriction

You must be 18 or older to buy and use fireworks. The age restriction for small sparklers is 12 years old. Children must never use sparklers unsupervised by an adult. Always check the labels on the product and abide by the age restrictions shown there.

Buy from a safe distributor

Only shops and distributors licensed by the fire service are allowed to sell fireworks. Fireworks may only be sold over the counter to consumers between 27 and 31 December. If you have any doubts about the outlet where you want to buy your fireworks, you should ask to see their licence. Individuals are not allowed to order or bring fireworks into Norway from abroad. If you do, you may be prosecuted.

Illegal fireworks

Individuals are not allowed to use rockets. The sale of rockets to individuals is illegal. It is also illegal for outlets to sell or display fireworks that look like toys, e.g. small tanks. Firecrackers are also illegal.

Distress flares are for emergencies

Distress rockets and distress flares must only be used in emergencies. It is illegal to fire distress rockets as part of a New Year celebration

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