How to check fire extinguishing equipment

When did you last inspect the fire extinguishing equipment in your home? Here is a list of what you should check, how and how often.

Fire extinguisher requirements

All homes must have either a domestic fire hose or a fire extinguisher that contains at least 6 kilograms of powder or foam. These fire extinguishers are also known as hand-held extinguishers.

Make sure you know how your fire extinguisher works, so you can react quickly if a fire breaks out. Regular maintenance will ensure that your fire extinguisher is always ready for use.

Prevent powder from settling

Powder in powder extinguishers can settle and become lumpy. To prevent this, up-end the powder extinguisher several times, four times a year.

Fire hose maintenance

You can check a fire hose yourself, and you should do this once a year. This is what to do: Roll out the entire hose. Check that the tap is working. Check that the hose has not rotted or cracked.

Fire extinguisher maintenance

Foam and powder devices need a certain pressure in order to work. The needle in the pressure gauge on top of the device must be in the green zone. You should check this every three months. You should also check that the seal or lead on top of the device has not been broken, and that the device is not damaged or rusty.

Professional inspection

Powder extinguishers must be inspected by qualified professionals every 5 years and fully inspected and serviced every 10 years.

Foam extinguishers must be fully inspected and serviced by qualified professionals every 5 years.

The Norwegian Council for the Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Materials has drawn up a list of companies and professionals who are qualified to inspect your fire extinguishing devices.

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