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How to protect yourself in a storm

Follow this advice to prevent your house and garden from being damaged in a storm.

Secure or tidy away loose objects

A great deal of damage can be caused by large items being blown around by the wind. If there is a storm warning, you should therefore secure or tidy away large objects such as garden furniture, trampolines and gazebos. Bring toys, pot plants and small objects indoors.

Check roofs and walls

If you have tiles or shingles on your roof, make sure that these are secure. Also check that gutters, TV aerials and any other equipment fixed to the wall of your house will not come loose. Tighten and secure any tarpaulins over wood stores, boats or other equipment, to prevent the wind from getting hold of them.

Make sure water will run away

If the weather warning tells you to expect large quantities of water, you should also ensure that water will run away from the house. Check that the gutters, drainpipes and drains are not blocked by leaves or other debris.

When the storm comes, you should stay indoors and make sure all the doors and windows are closed.

Protect your house and garden from stormy weather:

  • Tidy up your garden: secure large objects and move small objects indoors
  • Check the roof for loose tiles or shingles
  • Make sure that gutters, aerials and tarpaulins are properly secured
  • Close windows and doors properly

Review your self-preparedness supplies 

Remember that a severe storm can damage infrastructure related to electricity, water, internet, mobile networks and roads. It can also lead to both the municipality and emergency services having many simultaneous tasks. That is why it is a good idea to check your self-preparedness supplies when you know that a storm is on its way. Read more about self-preparedness for a week. 

Don’t touch power cables

It is not unusual to find power cables lying on the ground after a major storm. If you discover these, report them to your local electricity company. Keep at a safe distance and don’t touch the power cables; they can be dangerous.

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