What you are entitled to know about nearby industrial companies

If you live near an industrial company that is governed by the extremely stringent requirements of the Major Accident Regulations, you are entitled to information that concerns your safety.

Around 100 companies in Norway have a duty to provide nearby residents with this information. This includes companies that handle large quantities of hazardous chemicals. 

You are entitled to information about

  • What activities the company performs
  • The names and properties of any hazardous chemicals that are being used
  • The risks of major accidents and the potential effects of these on people and the environment
  • How local residents will be notified and informed about accidents
  • What local residents should do in the event of a major accident

Which companies does this apply to?

These requirements only apply to companies that are covered by paragraph 9 of the Major Accident Regulations and have been instructed to prepare a safety report. If you are not sure whether this applies to a company near you, the company will be able to tell you if you ask them.

You are also entitled to a copy of the company’s safety report. The company is entitled to censor information that is a trade secret, or information that should not be made public for safety reasons.

Closely monitored

There are around 300 companies in Norway that are covered by the Major Accident Regulations, and 100 of these have a duty to provide this information. These companies are governed by strict regulations, and are closely monitored by the supervisory authorities. For safety reasons, there is no public list of all these companies in Norway.