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Self-preparedness for payments

Payment systems in Norway are secure and effective. However, errors can occur, or the system can be subjected to attacks or undesirable incidents. Therefore Norges Bank recommends that all users have alternative means of payment.

Several payment alternatives can limit consequences if for some reason you cannot pay using your normal method. Here is Norges Bank’s advice for self-preparedness for payments.

Read more about self-preparedness for payments on the cental bank of Norways website (in Norwegian).

Have several payment cards 

Having several different payment cards offers good preparedness in the event of a fault in a payment service. These can be various types of payment cards (debit or credit cards) or cards issued by different banks.

Keep some cash handy

Cash can be used even if electronic preparedness solutions are not functioning – however, in certain situations it can be difficult to get hold of. Therefore, Norges Bank recommends that you keep some cash available, in various (and preferably smaller) denominations. Consider the amount based on what your household otherwise has of necessary items and goods and what you may need to buy in an acute situation.

Hold accounts in several banks  

Having accounts in several banks enhances self-preparedness if technical problems should occur with one of the banks.

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