Two small kids holding hands while running outdoor.
Photo: Johner

Safe children’s clothing

Do you think about safety when you're buying children’s clothing? These are the hazards you should avoid.

Avoid drawstrings and non-detachable hoods

Steer clear of children’s clothes with long drawstrings and hoods that cannot be removed. Drawstrings and hoods can become caught on something when a child is playing. In the worst case, this can lead to strangulation. Long, flapping scarves and other loose accessories can also become caught on things like playground equipment. You should therefore remove drawstrings completely from clothes, or cut them off. Avoid knots, beads or similar items on drawstrings.

Flammable fabrics

Take a close look at the label to find out what fabrics the clothes are made from. These textiles are the most flammable.

Check for loose items

Small items on children’s clothing that are not properly attached can easily come loose, and then a child can put them in their mouth, where they may get stuck in the throat. Check that small items such as buttons and tightening mechanisms on drawstrings are firmly attached and can't be pulled off. Outdoor clothing should have reflectors.

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