Photo: Johner

Choose safe costumes

Children’s costumes are classed as toys and must bear the CE mark. Choose close-fitting costumes rather than flimsy, billowy clothes that could easily catch fire.

Be careful with candles

Festive occasions aren’t complete without candles and lanterns. Place candles and lanterns well away from where children will be playing. Remember that wide skirts, long scarves and flapping capes can easily catch fire and burn quickly, particularly if they come into contact with a naked flame.

Choose costumes and outfits that are more close-fitting. This will make it less likely for them to brush against a flame by accident. Close-fitting fabrics do not burn as easily, since there is less air available.

Check the materials

Many costumes are made of synthetic fibres such as nylon or polyester. When polyester and nylon catch fire, they burn more slowly than cotton and the flame often goes out by itself. However, they can cause deeper burns because the fabric melts and burns its way into the skin. 

Pure cotton fabrics catch fire easily and burn well. The thinner and more billowy the fabric, the faster it burns.

In case of an accident, it’s a good idea to know how to extinguish fires in burning clothes.

Look for the CE mark

Children's costumes are classed as toys and must bear the CE mark. If the costume has accessories or parts that could fall off and be hazardous for young children, the product must also be labelled ‘not suitable for children under the age of three’. Masks, make-up and other accessories may also contain chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environment. 

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