Smiling girl with pink sunglasses
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How to choose the right sunglasses

Sunglasses are divided into different categories, according to the brightness they are designed to protect against. Some sunglasses have such a strong filter that they should not be worn while driving. Here's a summary to help you choose the right sunglasses.

Choose the right category

Design and fit may be important when you’re choosing sunglasses, but the most important thing is for the sunglasses to protect your eyes against harmful rays. This means that the sunglasses must have a sun filter. The strength of the filter depends on the brightness of sun they are designed to protect against, and this determines which category the sunglasses fall into: 

Category 0 is for cloudy skies.

Category 1 is for partly cloudy skies.

Category 2 is for normal sunlight.

Category 3 is for strong sunlight.

Category 4 is for high mountains and sea. Sunglasses with Category 4 protection are not suitable for driving.

Sunglasses requirements

  • All sunglasses must be sold with information showing which protection category they fall into, and which brightness they can protect against
  • Sunglasses must bear the CE mark, and must come with information showing the name of the manufacturer
  • If the sunglasses can be damaged by cleaning products, there must be care information in Norwegian to explain this